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Opening the server..
Placed by: Coen at 4-11-2015 17:53

Welcome to Playfactions BETA 1.0 Changelog:

Update BETA 1.0

» Fistbuild
» Added abandoned houses in the world (Thanks to Kieky)
» Added permissions
» Added ranks
» Added dynmap
» Added Vault
» Added Protected chest plugin
» Added ranks, VIP, VIP+
» Added serverowner ranks, Moderator, Admin, owner
» Added Prefix chat support
» Added /bank
» Added Home, warp, kits, spawn, randomtp plugin
» Added worldboarder
» Added ban,mute,ipban,whitelisting and kicking
» Added non-lapisenchanting plugin
» Added chat colors

Next Update

» Finish rank store
» Items in store
» more...

» More news